"What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD)"

The Blasphemy of the Question.
There has been a trend begun, implying (and sometimes coming right out and saying) that the Christian life has to do with asking oneself this allegedly spiritually-minded question.

Before examining the contra-biblical nature of this twisted thought, perhaps we do well to examine the question itself at face value. First off, why do those who portend to profess the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior so easily refer to Him as if he is a cab driver in Tijuana or a minor league infield prospect playing in the winter leagues?

Nowhere in the Scriptures do we find the apostles or other disciples referring to Him as other than "Lord." So what's up with this commonly used first-name-basis for the Lord of Glory and the King of the Heavens and Earth?

What's up with it is blasphemy. So, it's no surprise that what it ends up being is some new way to sell Christian youth bracelets, watches, T-Shirts, and other paraphernalia that actually work against the faith while making merchandise (and merchandisers) of God's people.
The Futility of the Question.
But it is not merely the surface features of the question - and its casual treatment of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ - that is the problem. The thought behind the question is also a conception of ignorance AND presumption, the very sort of people from which David sought to be protected (Psalm 19:13).

Recommending to people that they should ask themselves this question implies they know the answer. Almost always, they do not. And when you examine the answers people speculatively give, they are almost always in error about what the Lord Jesus Christ DID do. What has resulted from this "movement" (wind of doctrine) has been a new army of people totally ignorant of the Scriptures blathering about "I think Jesus would do this," or, "I'm sure Jesus would not say that .."

Be sure of this, the Lord Himself never commanded us to regard our fallen selves as having His infallible Mind. It is amazing how easily even Christians fail to recall that the Lord Jesus Christ always knew all things at all times in his life. They also fail to recall that He is ever always very God of very God and thought and did what we could never imagine nor hope to do.

For instance, in the face of 5,000 men (not to mention women and children) what he would do and DID do is feed them by miraculously multiplying food in their sight. The Scriptures teach that we are His FRIENDS if we do what He commands us to do, not if we do what we think He would do.
The Arrogance of the Answer.
Undaunted, those who seize this trite saying allow themselves to speculate in their own thoughts, finding it preferable to meditating on God through His Word. It's arrogance, no doubt cloaked in self-attributed humility. But it's easier (lazier) than studying the Scriptures to discover what His commands are.

Because if one studies the Scripture, one would readily find that the Lord Jesus Christ did not serve Himself, just as we should not serve ourselves. However, Christians SHOULD serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and our example as a servant of Christ is the apostle Paul, the proto-typical sinner. Therefore, often, the question is not the one above, but "What would Paul do?"

In any case, the answer to what we should do is in the Scriptures, not our own minds.
Humble Faith.
Humble faith is what is required. Humble faith is neither speculative, nor doubtful. It is assured and confident. The humility is what leads someone to read the Scriptures, and receive the instruction therein.
A Footnote.
The writer of this brief exposition is now in Kenya, East Africa. The country is littered with bracelets, tee shirts, headbands, and hats with "WWJD" on them, having been sold to a naive but otherwise spiritually hungry people. The paraphernalia is especially spread among young people who, if they saved their money, could buy a decent English language Bible which would not mislead them.

Just like the screwballs (Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, etc) on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), this form of "Christianity" is dealing true ministers of God's Word fits here.